I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History (Volume 3)

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I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History (Volume 3) Paperback

This book was published on July 26, 2011 to prove that there are positive alternatives in our communities, to make these alternatives visual, and to begin building our people through our stories. I Am Royalty: Profiles in Black History is a collection of biographical anthologies compiled to serve as bridges between various communities. The purposes of these bridges are to close gaps that are left in our communities and to create productive routes for the young people who live within them. Over 35 Black/African-American Men and Women have come together to bring each volume to life. Our mission is to take these stories to places that need positive light and spread these lights into some of darkest areas. We will share our stories throughout schools, churches, community groups, and throughout the streets to begin recruiting our youth for productive activities. We have worked with Black and African-American men and women from various backgrounds, upbringings, business fields, and future options.
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