Show Your Support

Our children need to see that we are royalty, and we need to start using labels like “Royalty” to describe our people. We must begin to show the benefits and importance of the many different roles that Black people play in our communities. Our children are watching, so it is time to stop fighting one another if we want our children to do the same. The positive actions that we take need to be promoted by each other in the same way that songs are played on the radio, shows are promoted on television, and businesses are patronized that are owned by people other than our own. We must help those that take the initiative to do positive things in our community and show the positive lights that are being shined in the neighborhoods that we live in. This must be done so that we can begin to build stronger structures in our communities. This allows our children to see positive actions on a more consistent basis, and it enables everyone to witness the power of common-unity while we overshadow the negative things that are present. While everyone watches, we can say “Label Me Royalty”.

By showing and sharing our strength, we can begin to be examples of key positions in society that are waiting to be claimed by our children. We are the remedy for our present wounds, and it is our responsibility to heal our communities with more than temporary pain relief for symptoms, instead of cures for the problems. Hope needs to be present, even when situations seem hopeless or a part of life that is destined to happen. The positive parts of our history must be shared in confidence and with the support of others. We must be able to tell our children, “I am important! This is my kingdom that will soon be yours! Label Me Royalty: I am a Profile In Black History!”

Are you ready to step up to assist in a job that anybody could do, or will everybody say that somebody will do it and leave the job to be done by nobody?