About Label Me Royalty

Label Me Royalty: Historic Profiles will be published as anthologies in book form. These books are biographical anthologies compiled to serve as bridges throughout many different communities.

One of the main reasons for the creation of these anthologies is the shortage of positive role models in some Black communities. Positive role models exist, but their roles are sometimes overshadowed by negative messages or images that represent the successes that young people sometimes strive for. Doctors, teachers, spiritual leaders, small business owners, political leaders, and community activists are not promoted as much as negative aspects of life.

Other reasons are symptoms of this problem are:

  • Distorted visions of reality and the future
  • Lack of resources or ignorance of the existence of the available resources
  • Over-looked opportunities
  • Lack of support for common goals from people that disagree on specific approaches

Emmanuel Brown of SeeingGrowth.net is gathering over 175 individuals for this project and decided to use a direct approach in distributing the books. Emmanuel says “there are very few bookstores in Black communities,” and he also stated that “the young people that he is attempting to reach are not the biggest supporters of bookstores. We must deliver these messages of hope to the young people, where they are, and by using ways that they will receive them.”

Emmanuel has the books available at LabelMeRoyalty.com, independent distributors, online and offline publishers; but he explains that purchasing the books through LabelMeRoyalty.com, independent distributors, or neighborhood events is the most effective. “Purchasing products from the website leaves us with more usable revenue for overhead, independent distributors or bookstores support your communities, and neighborhood events support the people hosting the events.” In many cases, community events are hosted by neighborhood organizations that directly depend on funding from grants or donations, these books are meant to provide possibilities, and the possibilities do not exclude financial support for their efforts. Emmanuel also asks the question, “If we do not support each other, who will?”

Understanding that many young people do not visit bookstores, helped Emmanuel Brown decide to market the books through LabelMeRoyalty.com and to worry less about the sales that he would receive through major book retailers. Emmanuel says: “Many young people do not visit bookstores, so I am not focused on making sales through outlets like Barnes and Noble, Borders, and even Amazon.” I believe that I can reach my target and keep more revenue for production by focusing on sales that originate from LabelMeRoyalty.com.

By marketing the books in this way, they can be used as fundraising tools for Black groups, organizations, and churches. This also shares inspiration, hope, and unity with the communities that are trying to be reached.

Our mission is to take these stories to places that need positive light and spread these lights into some of the darkest areas. We will share our stories throughout schools, churches, community groups, and the streets to begin recruiting our youth for productive activities.

Emmanuel has collaborated with Black/African-American Men and Women that represent different backgrounds, upbringings, fields of business, and options (for the future) that can be followed.

He is currently administering a letter-writing campaign focused on reaching the Black-owned media to thank them for providing stories to the community and offering them positive content to distribute that comes from the 100+ people contributing to each volume published.

Emmanuel hopes that this campaign will give him the support of organizations like the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Greek organizations that it is comprised of, the black churches and the National Black Church Initiative, black schools, black business people, black teachers, and black grassroots organizations.”

Emmanuel says, “This project is bigger than me, and I know that I can not do it alone, but I can keep contacting people to ask them to participate.” Everyone does not ignore my messages, and everyone does not say, “NO this is not for me.” He says that the rejections are motivating enough to remember that role models are not always present and that those who step up deserve the support of the people.

He closes by saying that “children are watching us and they absorb the characteristics that stand out. We can not attack their culture and expect them to accept it, we have to provide them with options. Telling them that We Are Royalty and that they should say Label Me Royalty so much that they hear these messages more than the negative ones is a great start, but only a beginning.”

To support this project, make a purchase at https://labelmeroyalty.com/store/ ... and don’t forget to spread the word.

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