Label Me Royalty Historic Profiles

Label Me RoyaltyLabel Me Royalty was created by Emmanuel Brown, the Founder of Seeing Growth in 2009. Label Me Royalty is the publishing label for Label Me Royalty: Historic Profiles (formerly I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History). Label Me Royalty: Historic Profiles is a series of anthologies that share the stories of Black American Men and Women. We refer to each of these stories as Historic Profiles.

Each Volume of Label Me Royalty: Historic Profiles will serve as a bridge throughout many different communities. The purposes of these bridges are to close gaps that are left and to create productive routes for the young people who live within them. 91 Black American Men and 91 Black America Women will come together to bring each volume to life. We are actively recruiting Black Americans to continue this effort, making this project an ongoing event. We are also showing that the support of positive things can create progressive results. We are not attempting to ignore the ills that plague our society. Our emphasis is on the successful parts and the positive images that create success.

These books will reach the minds of young people by showing support in ways that allow them to see positive examples that Black Men and Women are setting in our communities. This initiative shares positive influences that will help overshadow the negative images that play a dominant role in how Black Americans are seen.

We began publishing I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History in 2010. We are restructuring these books into Label Me Royalty: Historic Profiles in 2022. The restructuring of the books was done to make this initiative more complete while reaching the young people who are not focused on computers and bookstores. Our focus is on reaching the young people that populate our communities through the stories of productive adults. So we will constantly create books that are filled with faces that might be more recognizable and stories of successes that seem reachable.

These books will target schools, churches, detention centers, group homes, youth programs, and our street corners. Our books will find their way to these places and we are doing our best to make sure that they have a more visually powerful presence in these areas. One of our missions is to take these stories into places that need positive light and spread these lights into some of the darkest areas.

We are collaborating with Black American Men and Women that represent different backgrounds, upbringings, fields of business, and options (for the future) that can be followed.

Please pick a copy today, share these stories with the youth that you come in contact with and share your story to help us continue spreading positive alternatives. Contact us for quantity discount pricing.