I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History (Volume 1)

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I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History (Volume 1) Paperback

I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History (Volume 1) was published on November 11, 2010 to prove that there are positive alternatives in our communities, to make these alternatives visual, and to begin building our people through our stories. These are our stories and our history in written form. Our communities are full of people who are positive examples, but we are not always aware of the people making the changes. I Am Royalty was created to represent these people and to introduce them to youth as the positive role models that they are. The stories in “I Am Royalty” are being shared to serve as examples of what we would like to see our children become. It is sometimes difficult to see positive lights or alternatives in life when we see life through visions that only contain negative images. “I Am Royalty” shares the stories of the positive people that reside in our communities while attempting to overshadow some of the negative images that we are forced to see throughout our days. By assisting us in sharing these stories, you will be demonstrating your support for Black people, our advancement, our communities, and our children. A Profile In Black History is a profile of someone that is making a productive effort in their life or in the lives of others. This person has made or is making accomplishments that are important to the development of Black American progress. Artists, athletes, authors or publishers, civic or social leaders, educators, entertainers, entrepreneurs, military or public servants, religious leaders, trend setters, or someone you have worked with or admired over the years may be among them. They may be someone you have read about. This project was brought to you by Mikal El-Amin, Aleta Williams, Toni Odom, Andrionna L. Williams-Campbell, Frank Pete, Angela Murphy, Angela Thomas, Pasha Golliday, Alan Gates, Vanessa Richardson, Winter Giovanni, Sherryl Hooks, Jonathan Burkett, Yolanda Zellous, Ava Ross, Renda Rose, Cleous Young, Diane Latiker, Shani Greene-Dowdell, Ayani Meli, William Jackson, Jacqueline Amos, Pam Osbey, Kezia Davis, Garry Lawrence, Lolita Buck, Nicole Shelton, Sharlisse Rashied, Glenn Grace, Kanday Reign, Katrina Lola-Gurl, April L. Johnson, Deondriea Cantrice, Donald Payne, Carolyn Mattocks, Nita Dawson, Adrienna Turner & Emmanuel Brown. Thank you for helping to create the bridges that will connect our communities.
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